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Kerep Cave

Kerep is Mary cave where located in Ambarawa little town, Central Java. It lies on the slope of mount Ungaran, about 22 kilometres away. When it reached from Semarang, it will be 50 kilometres away and 90 kilometres from Yogyakarta. This holy place of Kerep offers religious tourism for Catholics to visit for worship, celebrate or fine peaceful heart to get. Kerep Cave is much more visited by Catholic prayer every day, especially on the second Sunday each month because it held by Catholics Mass.

Kerep Cave holy place founded in 1954, that was when the Pope declared it in Marian Year. Momentum is encouraging parishioners and their pastor Ambarawa to bring the statue like the one in Cave Maria Lourdes in France and put it somewhere to be a means of pilgrimage.

The development of Kerep Mary cave was done by local people of Catholic with mutual aids and voluntary, as well as the process of collecting rocks from the Yangtze River. Purchase an additional stone, cement and sand. Once the construction is completed, the inauguration done by Mgr. A. Soegiyapranata in a festive ceremony on August 15 ‘1954, and supported by his people who attended the event. If you are interested of history and the beauty of Kerep Cave pilgrimage then takes time to visit it and get the peaceful life.