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Ganjuran church of Sacred Heart of Jesus reachable distance of approximately 20 kilometers from the city center. The scenery of green rice fields and pine trees will welcome upon entering Ganjuran village where the church is located. Visiting Ganjuran church, it will know about the history of the church of Catholic Javanese culture and gain peace of mind.

Ganjuran church was built in 1924 on the initiative of the Dutch descendants of two brothers, Julius and Joseph Smutzer. The church is one of the buildings erected since the two brothers began managing Gondang Lipuro Sugar Factory in the surrounding area in 1912. The other building was established 12 schools and a clinic that became the forerunner of Nursing Smart Hospital.

Ganjuran church building designed by Dutch architect J. Yh Van Oyen is a form social spirit of the church (Rerum Navarum) owned Smutzer brothers, that the spirit of loving others, in particular the well being of local people are mostly a sugar factory worker Gondang Lipuro, and reached a golden age in the year 1918 to 1930.

Ganjuran church compound enhanced with the construction of the temple, called the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1927. The temple is decorated with reliefs of lotus flowers and the statue of Christ the Javanese clothes then be another option as a place to carry out the mass and pilgrimage, in addition to the church and offers proximity to Javanese culture.