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Kasunanan Palace of Surakarta founded by Pakoe Boewono II in 1745 AD. Previous capital of palace is in Kartasura within 12 kilometers on the west part of Solo. Kasunanan Palace Surakarta has gallery museum with houses various historical objects that have a high historical and artistic value. Some collections are house carriege, some weapons, shadow puppets and objects relic. Kasunanan Palace opens for public every day from at 8.30 am up to 14.00 pm and closed on Friday.

Physically, the Kasunanan Palace building consists of a main building and supporting environments such as gate called Gladag at the south part. There are two square field in the north and south of the palace complex. There is also a famous Great Mosque and Klewer batik market in the next door. The palace has also a white buffalo named Kyai Slamet sacred heritage as one of the Kasunanan Palace.

This palace is an old exotic building with Javanese and Dutch style. One of the architect was Prince Mangkubumi (finally he become sultan in Yogyakarta palace), also as architect of Jogjakarta palace. The style of building, rooms, hall are nearly similar between Kasunanan and Jogjakarta palace. Kasunanan Palace was rebuilt in 1893 - 1939 by Susuhunan Pakubuwono X. Mostly of the building with blue and white color and the building was mixed between Javanese and European.