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Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is one of the attractions in Bali than Kuta beach. The beach is also known as Sunrise Beach for the morning because it can freely see the sunrise without blocked by hills or mountains.

Sanur Beach is located in Sanur Village, south of Denpasar. The beach is located on the east and south of the village of Sanur, which is the edge of the Southern Ocean Indonesia island of Bali. The beach was well known since ancient times, especially when the war Puputan Badung on 20 September 1906, at which time the Dutch Colonial army troops landed on the panati. In the history of ancient Bali, Sanur beach is well known and there is a stone monument is the inscription written in Singhadwala Warmadewa King of Kasari in the year of 917, and it is now located in the Southern Blanjong from Sanur Beach levitrakamagra.net.

In the world of tourism, Sanur beach was first introduced by the Belgian painter which named A.J. Le Mayeur and his wife Ni Polok settled in Sanur since 1937 and held a painting exhibition of his own work. The attraction of Sanur beach is a beach north shaped half circle and Southern parts turned from East to West, where the waves are not big, and when the water subsided it will look rock that stretches colorful. In the south east part can be seen Nusa Penida islands and the east coast of the South Island seems panorama of Bali decorated mountains.