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Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is one of tourist attractions in Bali which is located in the northern coast. About 10 kilometers west of the city of Singaraja. Located in the village of Kalibukbuk, Buleleng, Bali, therefore is better known as a tourist attraction Kalibukbuk.

Lovina black sandy beaches and still very natural, so as to attract the tourists to visit. A trip to the sea shore waters of Lovina is very interesting to visit. Can encounter dolphins about 1 kilometer from the beach and the calm beach of Lovina so be traveled waters using fishing boats.

Lovina beach is famous for its performances of wild dolphins in the sea and on the coast there are hundreds of dolphins. To be able to see the dolphins in action, must go to the sea before the sun shows up. The Dolphins will be popping up between 6 am up to 8 am. There are skipping to the surface and there is also just swim. It is interesting marine animals black action on this one. Tourists can hire a boat dedicated to the tourism facilities. While heading out to sea to watch the dolphins show, also can watch the beautiful ocean waters and natural.