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Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is located in the south of Bali Island and it is one of the forerunner to the development of tourism in the island of Bali. First place is the fishing village of Bali, as the development of tourism in Indonesia and Bali in particular, local residents began for renting a private house as a place of lodging.

Right now the Kuta beach has grown to become an icon of tourism in Bali and is better known as International place, because it is a meeting place for international tourists and domestic tourists.

In terms of facilities Kuta beach has full facilities. From the start of lodging, restaurants, bars, spas and other tourism supporting facilities. Kuta Beach is a tourist place that many choose to spend the holidays. Kuta beach has white sand was chosen as the surf sports and also suitable for a place to relax while waiting for the beautiful sunset.  Thousands of foreign and domestic tourists are always crowded on that Kuta beach Bali. The attractions that can be enjoyed on the beach of Kuta are: Water boom, Slingshot and also Buggy Jumping.