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Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun Temple is located in the village of Mengwi, Badung, Bali, about 28 kilometers from Denpasar city. Taman Ayun in Balinese language means beautiful garden. Taman Ayun temple has beautiful scenery, charm, beauty comes from the pond that surrounds the complex of buildings and located on an area of ​​4 hectares. Pool water looks like a bracelet, as if the temple building is above the water surface. The view is more complete with growing trees and flowers around the temple building.

Taman Ayun temple complex consists of three parts, the open space as the main building, and buildings dedicated to the gods and goddesses. In the first part, used for religious activities and stage arts, the tourists can enjoy the beautiful arrangement of Meru, the pagoda roofed terraced which is a typical building of temples in Bali. While in the second, the tourists will see the building named Bale Quaint decorated by engraving, relief and the beautiful statue of Lord Nawa Sanga.

Another attraction that can be enjoyed by the tourists is a relic of the Kingdom Mengwi which was about 300 meters from the temple, and also to human Yadnya museum. In the museum, can watch the ceremonies associated with the cycle of human life begins in the womb until death.