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Besakih temple is a holy place of Hindus to pray in Bali and the temples are not only one, but many temples. There are plenty of temples in one area, then Besakih temple is the largest in Indonesia. Besakih temple is also often referred to by the name of General Besakih temple. Being in Besakih Village, Karangasem regency, Bali.

Besakih temple is a center consists of one Pura Agung Besakih temples and 18 escorts who are round. There are stairs in abundance and there are a very large gate, and the gate as the entrance to the central area for the Penataran Agung Besakih temple. Besakih temple is the center of religious activity Balinese Hindus. Besakih temple is most have a place to pray mentioned by name of the holy place.

Besakih temple was already well known up by many visitors, so many foreign and domestic tourists trips to the temple. Besakih temple gets a name as his mother acted in the island of Bali.