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Ambarawa Train Museum

Ambarawa is known nationwide by the philosophical system Palagan Ambarawa. Little town that forgotten these days however became one among the necessary base camp of National heroes throughout Dutch occupancy in warfare II. A town within the junction of national road between Yogyakarta to Samarang and accessible to many small town close such as: Salatiga, Magelang and Bandungan.
Ambarawa has locomotives of assorted varieties and ages, and it is still doable to ride on a rail road between Ambarawa and Bedono, a village close. Ambarawa Railway repository 50 kilometres south of Samarang and it is that the home of Java's antique locomotives, housed during a repository. previous arrangements ought to be created for teams. Conjointly of interest area unit a set of antique telephones and different instrument used for railway communication.
The repository was established within the year of 1970 primarily to preserve a good choice of the steam locomotives, that were then returning to the tip of their helpful lives on the 3ft 6in (1.067 mm) gauge railways of the Indonesian State Railway. These area unit lay within the outside next to the first station, originally a transhipment purpose between the 4ft eight in gauge branch from Kedungjati to the northeast and also the 3ft 6in gauge line onward towards Yogyakarta via Magelang to the south. It is still doable to examine that the 2 sides of the station were designed to accommodate totally different size trains.
Ambarawa train museum was the centre for Dutch colonialists. Currently the provincial Government of Central Java is more associate degree more taking an interest from the purpose of its heritage significance and potential as a traveler attraction. Non Governmental bodies just like the Samarang Heritage Society are acting to help associate degree there is also an unofficial overseas cluster 'The Friends of Ambarawa Railway Museum'.