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Orangutan or Pongo Pygmaeus is animal species in Kalimantan or Borneo Island. As the name implies, Borneo orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus) live in Borneo and it is endemic species of the island. Although the population is more than Orangutan in Sumatra, it does not mean they are free from threat of extinction. Orangutan is one of Indonesia animal with the status of endangered species conservation because endangered.

Orangutan consists of 3 subspecies, namely: Pongo Pygmaeus Morio, Pongo Pygmaeus and Pongo Pygmaeus Wurmbii. Borneo Orangutan is not much different from his brother who is in Sumatra. The posture is greater than Orangutan from Sumatran. They have body weight between 50-100 kg for the males, and 30-50 kg for females and can reach 1.5 meters height.

Reddish-brown fur, they have long and strong arms, short legs, and no tail. Orangutan males have a lump of fatty tissue on both sides of the face and began to develop in adulthood after his first marriage. Borneo Orangutan is even more omnivorous animal like plant. They usually eat fruit, leaves, flowers, insects, bird eggs, and other small vertebrates. Borneo Orangutan endemic active during the day and communicate with sound.