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Floating Market

Floating Market is traditional and unique local activity that is above of Barito River in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The merchant and buyer use boat for trading. The market began after the dawn prayer until 07.00 am. The sun rises and it will reflect the light in transaction of vegetables and garden produce from the villages along Barito River and its tributaries.

By watching panorama, tourists as if they were sightseeing. The Jukung boat with cargo of vegetable, fruit, fish and all kind of household goods are available at the floating market. When the sun started to come up the market gradually began to be deserted, the merchants began to leave the market and bring the results obtained from sale and purchase.

Unique atmosphere of this floating market is crammed between large and small boats. They look for buyers and sellers who always milling to and the waves are always shaky play on Barito River. Floating market does not have organisation like the container market on the mainland, so it is not recorded how many traders there. Boating women traders who sell their products themselves or neighbour and called the hamlet, and second hand purchase from the villageto resell called Panyambangan. The things privilege of the market is still common barter transactions between merchants in the boat.